Because we have no father, my mother, younger brother, sister and I lived with our grand mother and grand father at their home.

I am studying in the forth grade. People were displaced in Paranthan. They went to Kallaru. We also went to Kallaru and temporarily settled there.

I woke up hearing a sudden blast was heard.

My mother, my grand mother, grand father dragged all three of us and ran.

We decided to go to another house. A loud blast was heard again. The roof of the house, which we went, fell off.

My grand father was lying in a pool of blood. He was groaning.

The words “my thambi, amma” were coming from his mouth.

We started running again. My younger brother shouted that he couldn’t get up and come.

My grand mother couldn’t come because of the wound in her hand.  My mother and sister ran until the neighbourers and hid in an irrigation channel.

A thundering sound was heard again. After half an hour the rescue team, which came there brought us toTharmapuram hospital. My grand father succumbed to his injuries.

My grand mother lost one of her hands. My mother is getting treatment at Vavuniya hospital. The doctors have pronounced that my younger brother’s body below the waist has become senseless, and will not function.

How can my brother walk?





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