Murugesu Ponnambalam, better known by his pen name Mu. Ponnambalam, was born in Sri Lanka’s northern city of Jaffna on August 26, 1939. A leading poet and respected journalist, he is considered part of Sri Lanka’s second generation of Tamil writers. Prof. Karthigesu Sivathamby of University of Jaffna writes in his article, ’50 years of Sri Lankan Tamil Literature’, “Among the poets of the 1970s, M. Ponnambalam is considered to be highly articulate” using his poetry to experiment with language. Unlike earlier Tamil writers who looked to the actions of society and incidents of oppression, M. Ponnambalam was more concerned with the characters and their underlying humanity.

His first collection of poetry was published in 1968. He has won the Colombo North Eastern Province Literary Award in 1997 for his first collection of short stories, Kadalum karayum. In 1999, he won the State Literary Award for his first novel, Noyil iruthal.

The Library of Congress has five works by him.


அது (1968)

அகவெளிச் சமிக்ஞைகள் (1980)

விடுதலையும் புதிய எல்லைகளும் (1990)

பேரியல்பின் சிற்றொலிகள் (1990)

யதார்த்தமும் ஆத்மார்த்தமும் (1990)

கடலும் கரையும் (1996)

காலி லீலை (1997)

நோயில் இருத்தல் (1999)

திறனாய்வு சார்ந்த பார்வைகள் (2000)

ஊஞ்சல் ஆடுவோம் (2001)

பொறியில் அகப்பட்ட தேசம் (2002)

சூத்திரர் வருகை


திறனாய்வின் புதிய திசைகள் (2011)


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