Water tank donated by 15 well-wishers from United Kingdom with contribution of Pungudutivu Welfare Association (UK).

Drinking water is serious issue in Pungudutivu people’s life. Pure drinking water should take from Saddy. Nearly 15 Kilo meters from Pungudutivu.

For 26,000.00 Rupees, Pungudutivu well wishers and PWA bought a water tanker and donated to Pungudutivu Sarvothayam. Its saving thousands of people in back home.

Details of Donators
1 Pungudutivu Welfare Association
2 S Santhirakumar Ward 1
3 A Kantharuban Ward 2
4 V Vijayakumar Ward 4
5 M Sivapalan Ward 5
6 P Kailyapathivagan Ward 5
7 V Panchalingathurai Ward 5
8 E Kandasamy Ward 6
9 S Balasingam Ward 6
10 T Manmatharajah Ward 6
11 A Mahalingam Ward 9
12 N Thevarajah Ward 9
13 S Premanathan Ward 11
14 M Neminathan Ward 12
15 S Kirupananthavel Ward 12
16 V Raveendrakumar Ward 12


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